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VISIONTM - Commercial & Residential Window Film


Mirror Window Film

Mirror Film, also known as Reflective Window Tint increases privacy without eliminating natural sunlight. With our standard 99% UV Ray protection and heat reduction, your home or office will become more energy efficient.


Security Flat Glass Film

Security window film is a virtually clear, undetectable layer of strong PET that has 99% UV filtration. We offer quality window film in 8MIL, 12MIL, and 15MIL thickness giving you the best solution to secure glass incase of accidental breakage.


Safety Window Film

Safety Film comes in 4MIL and 7Mil thickness. Beyond the safety features that keep glass from shattering when broken, XPEL safety film helps lower energy cost, reduces glare, and offers 99% UV filtration protection.


Decorative Films

XPEL Dallas carries Whiteout, Blackout and White Frost Window Film. Out Decorative Film Series offers enhanced privacy while adding a touch of class and design capable of creating a look that is uniquely you.


Anti Graffiti Film

Anti-Graffiti Film is the perfect protection for high traffic areas that are vulnerable to vandalism. Stop replacing scratched, etched or tagged glass or surfaces. Replace the section of film that was installed for protection. Anti-Graffiti film comes in 4mil thickness.


Solar Window Film

Solar Window Film provides protection from UV Rays, reflects heat, reduces glare from the son and comes in a variety of thicknesses. No matter the project XPEL Dallas is here to help you with your home and/or office window film installation.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions to Learn More Out VISIONTM Agricultural Window Film Series.

The Benefits Of VISIONTM Window Film Series

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