Ceramic coating

Keep Your Car Clean Longer


Ceramic coating for cars has been welcomed with open arms by car enthusiasts since hitting the market. Initially, people believed that ceramic coating took the place of paint protection film, this of course is not the truth. Don’t get discouraged, because ceramic coating holds strong with its own set of benefits that are more than worthy of holding your attention. XPEL Dallas is proud to offer FUSION Ceramic Coating and every benefit that comes with it.

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The benefits of fusion

Protection for Your Vehicle

FUSION isn’t Paint Protection Film, but it does offer a layer of protection that keeps outside contaminants from harming your vehicles paint.

One Applications Lasts for Years

Unlike car wax, ceramic coating does not need to be reapplied every couple of months. With one application, you are covered for 4 years (maybe longer if you take care of the coating).

Less Frequent and Easier Cleaning

FUSION creates a smooth surface by filling in any minuscule surface pitting. When the surface of your vehicle is smooth, there is nothing for dirt to stick to, allowing it to fall off the surface. When it does come time for a car wash, there will be no hard labor including scrubbing is involved.


small ceramic coating cleaner

Ceramic Boost (2oz)

Get a sample of Ceramic Boost to try out. This small 2oz sample is just enough to try out so you can be confident in its abilities to perform.

ceramic boost for ceramic coating

Ceramic Coating (16oz)

Ceramic Boost protect your film and paint. The formula seals the surface with a micro-thin layer that repels dirt, and resists contaminates.


Detail Spray (16oz)

XPEL's Detail Spray perfect for removing light dust, finger prints and/or smudges when you are not ready for a car wash.

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