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Get The Best Protection Film For Inside Your Car

With Interior Protection Film from XPEL Dallas, you can rest assure that your console, dash, controls and even navigation screens are protected from scratches. Life happens, and it happens to your car’s interior. It is only a matter of time before it shows, regardless of how careful you try to be. Simply laying a cell phone on the center console, a tap from your watch, or keychain can scratch your cars interior. Keep life in check and protect your car’s interior with protective film from XPEL Dallas.

RXTM Antimicrobial Film

Modern vehicles have touch screens, and to fully enjoy all the functionalities that come with your car purchase, you will need to utilize these screens. Unfortunately, where there is a touch screen, there are germs, and germs are never a welcomed passenger. RXTM Antimicrobial Film offers Antimicrobial Product Protection.

RXTM is formulated to resist the growth of microbes on its surface, and is treated with a fungistatic agent that protects against fungal growth in addition to adding an impact resistance and glare reduction.

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Interior Protection Film

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XPEL Dallas has interior patterns for center consoles, touch screens, carbon fiber and trim. With superior clarity, maximum durability, with the end results equivalent to the factory finish, there is no reason not to PROTECT EVERYTHING.

Contact XPEL Dallas and discuss which interior protection film is right for you, your car and your active life.

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