Frozen berry 2022 Porsche Taycan Protects Paint with XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS PPF

frozen berry 2022 porsche taycan full front ultimate plus ppf

2022 Porsche Taycan

It was hard not to stare at this Frozen Berry 2022 Porsche Taycan while at our install shop. This stylish EV came in to be fitted with a self-healing ULTIMATE PLUS PPF clear bra. In addition, the car’s hood, front bumper, fenders, and side mirrors are protected with XPEL paint protection film. As a result, the Porsche Taycan’s front end is better equipped to defend against potential paint damage.

The base-level Porsche Taycan offers a rear-wheel-drive Taycan featuring one electric motor instead of dual-motors. The standard battery is 79.2-kWh, but customers can upgrade to an optional 83.7-kWh battery pack. For the Taycan base, the performance can range, depending on battery, from 402-hp to 469-hp. However, at the far end of the spectrum, the top-tier Porsche Taycan Turbo S delivers up to 750-hp. All-wheel-drive Porsche Taycan models feature dual motors, one placed on each axel. Regardless of trim level, every model uses Porsche’s two-speed transmission to send its electric instant torque to the wheels and deliver lightning-quick acceleration.


ULTIMATE PLUS ™ Porsche Taycan PPF

ULTIMATE PLUS ™ paint protection wrap is a transparent, durable film developed to protect surfaces against scratch marks, paint chips, and corrosion brought on by environmental contaminants. These contaminants can range from bird droppings to acids found in bugs and paint fade brought on by long-term exposure to UV rays. ULTIMATE PLUS paint wraps work with direct sunlight to vanish away swirl marks and light scratches from surfaces.

Once applied, it is virtually unnoticeable and leaves surfaces in a premium gloss shine. XPEL paint protection film is an ideal solution for protecting carbon fiber trim pieces or exposed metal against corrosion. ULTIMATE PLUS paint protection wrap delivers peace of mind with a high gloss shine.



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frozen berry 2022 porsche taycan full front ultimate plus ppf
frozen berry 2022 porsche taycan full front ultimate plus ppf

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