Rapid Blue 2021 Corvette C8 Gets FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating

2021 Corvette C8 fusion plus ceramic coating

2021 Corvette C8 

This rapid blue paint on this 2021 Corvette C8 is now protected with FUSION PLUS ™ ceramic coating. We treated this C8 earlier in the week. With car show season upon us, the owner wanted to ensure its new car shine did not fade over the summer. Our ceramic coating will also provide the C8 is easier to clean. Thanks to its hydrophobic properties, FUSION PLUS can repel water, mud, and most road grime. Like a laminated menu at a restaurant, stains and messes wipe away with ease.

The added perk of using our ceramic coating is the premium gloss shine it leaves behind. This blue C8 is already new, and thanks to XPEL, it is going to keep looking new for months. Gleaming paint always looks fast standing still. Of course, with nearly 500-horsepower sitting behind the driver seat. The Corvette C8 does not need an eye-catching paint job to prove its performance. All it needs is a few gallons of premium fuel and an empty stretch of highway.


FUSION PLUS ™ Corvette C8 Ceramic Coating

FUSION PLUS ™ ceramic coating is infused with hydrophobic properties to repel water, mud, and road grime from surfaces. One application can protect surfaces for an extended time. XPEL offers a range of FUSION PLUS ceramic coating to protect exterior paint, interiors, glass, plastic trim, wheels, and brake calipers. The owner of this 2021 Corvette C8 opted to coat the entire exterior in FUSION PLUS.

XPEL ceramic coating makes surfaces easier to clean and performs to increase the depth of paint color. As a result, coated surfaces shine brighter and offer a rich premium gloss.



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2021 Corvette C8 fusion plus ceramic coating
2021 Corvette C8 fusion plus ceramic coating

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