Local Charities Benefit from XPEL Dallas Donation

This past weekend, Cars and CoVerica put on  a very high quality, organized event with a good variety of cars and great people attending. We raffled off an XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS PPF partial front for some local charities: North Texas Food Bank– Hunger relief for the Dallas area, Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support– Provides safety, shelter, and support for women who have experienced domestic violence, and The Warren Center– Advocates, serves, and empowers children and families impacted by developmental delays and disabilities.

The goal was to raise over $5,000. Looks like they did. We had a first time XPEL customer win our prize – a Lamborghini owner from Keller, TX. We discussed and planned a whole project for his new ride, to include paint protection film and FUSION PLUS ceramic coating. We also were able to help an acquaintance of his that had a bad PPF install on his 2019 911 GTS. For him, we are going to peel off the existing PPF and reinstall with new ULTIMATE PLUS

Lambo owners seemed to be the most interested on Saturday. We were close to their display so proximity played a part I’m sure. If you have any questions about paint protection film, window tint, or ceramic coating, contact XPEL Dallas Manager, Derrick Alvis or reach out on our contact page.

Thank You!

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